1. Eligibility:

All graduating students shall be eligible to receive placement assistance, unless otherwise debarred from receiving such assistance on account of:
(i) Non-payment of fees or any other dues and/or
(ii) Non completion of PDP training / other academic requirements
(iii) Breach of discipline and general misconduct
(iv) Having opted out or having been declared as ‘Deemed to have opted out
(v) Attendance less than 50%

2.0 Registration for placement assistance:

All students seeking placement assistance are required to register with T&P. The student also has to sign an undertaking in the prescribed format placed at Annexure-A.

3.0 Application Procedure:

3.1 Interested students will apply in response to the jobs announced by T&P and submit copies of bio-data to T&P for onward submission to the respective organizations.
3.2 Students are advised to keep sufficient copies of bio-data, passport size photos, etc ready so as to submit it as per deadline announced.

4.0 Interview Procedure:

4.1 Interview schedules will be finalized by the T&P with the visiting companies, as per their requirements. For off-campus events, the events will be announced by T & P department, as and when it is finalized.

5.0 Students shall

5.1 Keep record of organizations and positions for which they apply.
5.2 Keep notes on the job details announced. These are useful at the time of interview.
5.3 Prepare completely for attending the various written tests, group discussions and interviews, particularly in respect of the specific company for which they are appearing.
5.4 Students shall not, at the time of interview, negotiate with the employer about salary and terms different from what is announced, unless the announcement specifies that the salary is negotiable.
5.5 While attending interviews, students must be punctual and come in proper dress. They must observe and adhere to all code of conduct and rules specified by T&P. While answering questions in the interview, students should observe decorum. They should abstain from making any kind of derogatory remarks about others. The impact of the behaviour exhibited by the interviewees has at times reduced the opportunities available to future batches of students. Irresponsible behaviour, such as efforts to “market” oneself, derogatory remarks about other candidates or the institute, negotiations other than those purported under the due process, will be seriously viewed. Such students may be denied further placement assistance.
5.6 Under any circumstances, the student will not make payment for placement activities to third party, whether directly or indirectly. If any student is found involved in unethical practice, he will be barred from subsequent placement activities.

6.0 Offers:

6.1 Offer stands for the placement selection letter issued by the company in composite letter form for a set of students of individual letters in the name of students.
6.2 Students are permitted to receive one job offer only, but, however in some circumstances, the students may be allowed to receive two offers, which may be announced by the T & P time to time i.e the pre announcement will be made, those students participate in coming campus placement drive and get selected, they may also be allowed to appear for further companies. But this right is reserved by the college and T & P cell. A student shall be allowed to go through the selection processes based on specified criteria, till he/she secures a job offer.
6.3 All offers of a particular company shall be announced at the end of the selection process of that company. All offers shall be routed through the T&P only.

7.0 Deemed to have opted out:

7.1 If the student fails to apply in ten companies of his/her area of specialization.
7.2 If any eligible student continuously do not participate for two companies then further he may be stopped to appear for two companies. So, any eligible student has the right not to apply in one company but in continuity. And further, he/she may be allowed after having submitted the undertaking to T & P Cell, that he/she will not repeat such act in future or if it is repeated then he/she may be stopped permanently to appear in placement activities. However, all students will have to appear for those companies, which are recommended by the T & P Cell.

8.0. General Conditions:

8.1 T&P shall aim to provide placement assistance for all graduating students. Placement is a privilege extended to the students and not a right.
8.2 These guidelines are framed to ensure equality and fairness of opportunity to all the students. All students who opt for placement through the T&P shall abide by the guidelines prescribed herein above.
8.3 Any breach of rules specified above by any student, shall be taken up seriously by the T&P who in turn will view the matter and take action against the student, as it may deem fit.
8.4 The T&P reserve the right of modifying any or all of the above norms and/or stipulating additional norms for placement which, in its judgment and discretion, are likely to benefit the students, immediately or in the future.

Important Note :
The students who have got less than sixty percent in 10th or 12th or B.Tech., will have to appear for all career opportunities since rare career opportunities become available for such students at the college during campus placements. Although, T & P will strive hard to bring as number of career opportunities as possible but having observed last few years, rare campus placement opportunities emerge for such students. So, it has been made compulsory for those students to participate in every opportunity, they become eligible.

Annexure A

expression of Interest for Placement Assistance

Date: / / 2015
Name of the Student:
Roll Number:
I, _____________________ S/O or D/O of ____________________ , hereby express my intention with all gratitude to the institute and confirm my willingness to avail the opportunity of placement assistance offered by the institute. In this connection, I affirm that I shall follow and abide all rules and regulations as prescribed in the placement policy of the institute. However, in the event of noncompliance or violation of any rule, institute will have all right to expel me from any placement assistance for which I shall be exclusively responsible.

(Signature of the Student)