ISA Library

ISA has a well-managed library having a rich collection of books in the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Building Construction and Management, Urban and rural planning, Housing, Environmental Design, Structural Design, Visual Art etc. The Library has a collection of 2,000 volumes comprising books, back volumes of journals, thesis, maps and subscribes 20 journals on architecture. Library has a rich collection of books and journals (national and international), CD-ROM, e-journals and e-books which is fully automated.

The main objective is to provide suitable information resources and services needed to support teaching, study, research and academic need of the students, research scholars and faculty members of the institution. The Library provides lending, reference, information; press clipping, scanning and reprography services to the users. ISA Library has ambitious plans for modernization, computerization, networking and providing web-based services and resources.

The exclusive facilities available in the institution include the following:

  1. Design Studios with space for vertical display, drafting tables, stools and storage facility for students’ stationery.
  2. Lecture Halls and audio-visual rooms.
  3. An Exhibition Hall for permanent display of students’ works.
  4. A Materials Museum for display of building materials and fixtures.
  5. A Well equipped computer lab, with latest architectural soft wares.
  6. Having a workshop for carpentry, Model making.
  7. Construction and Materials testing lab for technology demonstration.
  8. Surveying Laboratory.
  9. Climatology Laboratory.
  10. Art & Graphics has its own independent studio for students to sketch, paint and prepare collages etc.
  11. Seminar and Conference Halls.
  12. Waiting rooms for Girls.
  13. An Amphitheatre having a capacity of accomodating 200 people (proposed).
  14. Indoor and Our door Sports facilities.
  15. Stationary stores, Printing & Photocopying facilities.
  16. Digitalized Central Library with 100000 books and journals.
  17. College Auditorium.
  18. Canteen.
  19. Medical facilities including Clinic and Pharmacy.
  20. Available Syndicate bank ATM within the campus premises.

Transport:The school provides its own buses for transportation in NCR.

Hostel Building:The institute has excellent separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls having lounges, mess, dining hall, common hall, indoor games, telephone and TV rooms and other amenities. Hostel accommodation is available on, double and triple occupancy basis.

Ideal School of Architecture is a recognized centre for NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)

About NATA
The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) conducted by Council of Architecture is mandatory for admission to first year B.Arch. course for all architectural institutions in the country. It shall be mandatory for every architectural institution imparting 5-year B.Arch. degree course in the country to join the NATA and to admit students on the basis of valid NATA marks in the said course.

The test comprises of 2 papers:

Test – I : Drawing (Duration: Two hours and ten minutes; Max. Marks: 100)
Test – II : Aesthetic Sensitivity (Duration: One hour; Max. Marks: 100)

Test – I
The Drawing aptitude of the candidate shall be judged on the following aspects:
  1. Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner
  2. Visualizing and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on the surroundings
  3. Sense of perspective drawing
  4. Combining and composing given three dimensional elements to form a building or structural form
  5. Creating interesting two dimensional composition using given shapes or forms
  6. Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition
  7. Understanding of scale and sense of proportion
  8. Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences

Test – II
The Drawing aptitude of the candidate shall be judged on the following aspects:
  1. Aesthetic Sensitivity is to evaluate candidates' perception, imagination and observation; creativity and communication; and Architectural awareness.
  2. The test shall comprise of :
  3. Visualizing three dimensional objects from two dimensional drawings
  4. Visualizing different sides of three dimensional object
  5. Identifying commonly used materials and objects based on their textural qualities
  6. Analytical Reasoning
  7. Mental Ability
  8. Imaginative comprehension and expression
  9. Architectural awarenes.