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Personal level interaction among its family members (i.e. Students, Faculty & Staff members of Ideal Family) to improve the personality of students and quality of life in the campus. To encourage our humble motto, every day we conduct extra-curricular activities on every day.

Photos of Celebration Maa Saraswati Pooja in Boys Hostel Activity on Monday, Dec 12, 2017)

Er. Amit Kumar Jaiswal

The Founding Members of IDEAL

Celebration Maa Saraswati Pooja in Boys Hostel for Walface of students in AKTU Exmination.
The going will be tough For the next few days But you will rough it out With your incredible ways No matter how hard All the questions are I am sure you will ace them Like a super star You are bound to emerge As the triumphant winner Take your exams head on Without any fear Good luck