Ideal Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad
“Glimpse of Encouragement”
Personal level interaction among its family members (i.e. Students, Faculty & Staff members of Ideal Family) to improve the personality of students and quality of life in the campus. To encourage our humble motto, every week we conduct extra-curricular activities on weekends.

Photos of Photos of Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball Activity on Sunday August 27, 2016

Er. Amit Kumar Jaiswal
Conducted By

List of Participants
                            List of Participants for Badminton  
     S. No	     Name		      	     Year and Branch  
	1.	Jaisharma	                       M.E DIPLOMA
    	2.	Ankur			       M.E DIPLOMA
    	3.	Himani Sharma	      C.S.E 3rd Year
    	4.	Jyotsana Singh              C.S.E 1st Year
    	5.	Ashish			       M.E DIPLOMA
   	6.	Niraj			       E.C 2nd Year
    	7.	Neelam Yadav		       C.E 3rd Year
    	8.	Aparna Raj		       C.S.E 3rd Year
    	9.	Purmendra	 
   	10.	Kailash 			       3Rd Year
   	11.	Gayatri				B.ARCH 1st Year
   	12.	Garima Gupta			C.S.E 3rd Year
   	13.	Neeraj				M.E 4th Year
   	14.	Avi Garg				M.E 4th Year
   	15.	Keshav Kashyap			M.E 1st Year
   	16.	Anoop Singh			C.S.E 1st Year
   	17.	Anoop					M.E 4th Year
   	18.	Akash Gupta				M.E 4th Year
   	19.	Vibhanshu				M.E 4th Year
   	20.	Rishabh 				M.E 4th Year
   	21.	Akash Chaudhary				4th Year
    	22.	Abhilash				4th Year
    	23.	Ankush Saroj				M.E 3rd Year
    	24.	Shantanu 				M.E 4th Year
    	25.	Amrit Jaiswal				M.E 3rd Year
    	26.	Kuldeep					E.C 2nd Year
    	27.	Prakash Verma				C.S.E 1st Year
    	28.	Amit Yadav				M.E 1st Year
    	29.	Akhilesh Chaudhary			E.C 1st Year
    	30.	Deepak Singh				E.C 2nd Year
    	31.	Pradeep Kumar				E.E 3rd Year
    	32.	Kailash					M.E 3rd Year
   	33.	Abhishek Singh				C.S.E 3rd Year
   	34.	Mayank Kr.Pal 				M.E 3rd Year
   	35.	Arham					E.N 4th Year
   	36.	Vishal					M.E 3rd Year
   	37.	Yash Sarma				M.E 1st Year
   	38.	Rahul					4th Year
   	39.	Ritesh	
  	40.	Abhishek Singh				E.C 3rd Year
   	41.	Abhishek				4th Year
   	42.	Shashi					M.E 3rd Year
   	43.	Shobit Gupta				C.S.E 1st Year
   	44.	Shubham					2nd Year
   	45.	Moh Muzaffar Jilani			M.E 2nd Year
   	46.	Atul Anand Soni				M.E 2nd Year
   	47.	Piyush  Singh				C.S.E 1st Year
    	48.	Pragyesh 				M.E 2nd Year
    	49.	Tushar Varshney				M.E 1st Year
    	50.	Hemant Yadav				1st Year
    	51.	Hemant 					M.E DIPLOMA 1st Year
    	52.	Gopal Kumar				M.E DIPLOMA 1st Year

              List of Participants of “Best out of Waste” Competition 
      S. No	     Name                        Year and Branch  

        1	Ankush Saroj			ME/ 3rd Year 
	2	Saurabh Srivastav		ME/ 3rd Year 
	3	Sobhit Gupta			CSE/ 1st Year 
	4	Piyush Singh			CSE/ 1st Year 
	5	Santosh Yadav			Civil-2nd Year
	6	Aman Mishra			ME/ 4th Year 
	7	Himani Sharma		CSE/ 3rd Year 
	8	Divyansh Raj			CSE/ 2nd Year 
	9	Chandan Kr.Chourasia	ME/ 3rd Year 
	10	Shashikant Shastri		ME/ 3rd Year 
	11	Ratnesh Pandey		ME/ 3rd Year 
	12	Rohit Lal Jaiswal		ME/ 3rd Year 
	13	Abhishek Viswakarma	EC-3rd Year
	14	Hemant Yadav			CSE-1st Year 
	15	Aayush Choudhary		EEE-2nd Year
	16	Salvin Sharma 		Diploma/ 1st Year