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Personal level interaction among its family members (i.e. Students, Faculty & Staff members of Ideal Family) to improve the personality of students and quality of life in the campus. To encourage our humble motto, every week we conduct extra-curricular activities on weekends.

Photos of Poetry Recitation & Expression Competition Activity on Sunday August 21, 2016

Er. Amit Kumar Jaiswal
Conducted By

List of Participants
    List of Participants of “Self Composed Poctry Recitation" Competition 
                               Theam: Azadi

      S. No	    Name		      	     Year and Branch  
	1	Divyash 				B.Tech	CSE	II	Winner
	2	Jasmeen  				B.Tech	ECE	III	
	3	Shubhda  			B.Tech	ME	III	
	4	Ankit Srivastava   		B.Tech	IT	III	
	5	Neeraj				B.Tech	ECE	II