The Workshop of the Ideal Group of Institutions is established over an area of 2400 sq.m. representing an industrial environment. They provide the right ambience to students for fine tuning their skills. They run under the capable guidance of experienced workshop superintendents. The Engineering workshop consists of 8 different shops with modern machinery and other infrastructural amenities. The workshop is effectively run by technical staff with suitable qualifications and experience.

Ideal School of Architecture has its separate, fully equipped workshops. Students use the School’s fabrications shops in support of studio and course work assignment as well as for independent projects.

The fabrication shop has all facilities for building models, fabricating furniture and sculpting with imported machines and tools. Students undertake intensive exercises in solid modeling and detailing, exposing them to a wide range of tools and procedures. First year students use the fabrications shop to fabricate elements for the building project. There is a workshop for carpentry demonstration and model making in wood and plastic.